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Launching a Digital Marketing blog: Sharing my stories

Why am I starting this blog

In the past two weeks, as I worked on my website to serve as a portfolio, I sought inspiration. To my surprise, I realized that there are few professionals I know who are willing to share their Digital Marketing stories. In the following sections, I’ll delve into some of the reasons behind starting this blog.

I knew I loved social media before I knew what it was. I began by offering support and answers on my own time on a forum before my company considered this. But my journey in the digital realm has evolved. This blog served as a personal space for hobbies. Now, the focus shifts to a more profound and professional narrative.

How I intend to keep the fire burning for this blog

I am that manager that share all the information with my colleagues, believing in them and empowering them to achieve their greatest. Daniel Pink with his book Drive thought me about motivation 3.0 and healthy work places. Where people work because of an intrinsec desire, because they enjoy working. Having this great opportunity of working for Microsoft, I accumulated a lot of experience. And I intend to share some of my stories as a Digital Marketing professional.

Second of all, I am a very friendly person and I love being around people. And I have these great opportunities to take part at events like Best Marketing and Digital Marketing Forum. Having this blog, I can now and will share valuable experiences and industry trends. At the same time, I will also keep an eye on how organizations work on becoming more sustainable.

For the next few months, I have in mind a plan for all the blog posts to come. Each article will be an important piece in the puzzle of becoming a great Digital Marketing professional. I’ll share stories on the skills you need to pay attention. Skills that you need to cultivate at work, but also to include in your resume.

I am sharing all this, because for me, the past year it was very intense. I was lucky in my previous roles and jobs to count on friends. And moving from one to another, it was easy, counting on them. This time, I left my last role without a secure deal. I had to relearn what I learned, how valuable I was, how to promote myself, and how to participate at an interview. Hopefully, during the next few months, I will land a new opportunity. And this will become a success story.

What I plan with this blog

Every content here is free and will remain that way. Unlike Facebook, I won’t fill this space with commercials. Maybe I’ll give back even more to the community.

My desire is to inspire other people. I don’t care about the number of views or reactions. I would be happy if, in a year, this content helps at least one person find a better opportunity. And that person will inspire other people.

I will want you to realize how much potential you have and how valuable you are. I will encourage you to try to ask for best in your role. And if you tried everything, to support you leave when things gets bad. In time, we will cultivate better workplaces for everyone.

Launching a Digital Marketing blog

I am approaching the end of a sabbatical year. And I am actively applying for Digital Marketing and Product Marketing roles. This period of exploration provides me time to create invaluable content. It aims to bridge the gap between organizations and employees. If you know of any exciting opportunities, I welcome the chance to connect with me. I will be more than humble and thankful.

So, join me on this digital journey! Let’s break down Digital Marketing and help you too get a better opportunity.

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