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My experience

Hi there! 👋 My name is Tudor Crețu and I’ve worked a lot in Digital Marketing. At companies like Microsoft and Vodafone, I have been very good at coming up with new ideas 💡 and using the latest tech and online trends. My strengths include building strong relationships with important people. As a result, I was able to turn complex marketing ideas into plans that work well, based on 📊 data. Below, you can see some aspects of the roles I’ve had in my career and the cool things I’ve achieved over the years.

Digital Marketing Manager @ Microsoft, 2021 – 2023

🌍 Led the online marketing and digital strategy in 33 European markets. I made sure the brand was strong on the internet.
💰 Managed a budget of more than 1 million Euros in 2022. As a result, it brought 25% more visitors and 55% more engagements.
🎥 Created a new plan for the company’s videos. This made them more popular, with at least 65% more people clicking on the links.
📊 Crafted an online marketing strategy across platforms. This was guided by competitor and customer insights.
📈 Led a team that looked at a lot of data. We used this information to help make big decisions for different parts of the company.

✨ And so much more! I’ve gathered numerous skills and valuable lessons.

Product Marketing Manager @ Microsoft, 2019 – 2021

🌐 Oversaw the social media plan. As a result, more than 4,000 developers have signed up for Microsoft Learn courses.
💰 Handled a budget of over 250,000 Euros in 2021. This led to a 28% increase in people taking action on product-related campaigns.
👥 Made teamwork across different departments smoother and faster. It sped up project completion by up to 30%.
🚀 Brought new life to product marketing efforts. In this case, it made the products 15% more visible and known.
📊 Wrote and shared detailed reports about the achievements, trends in the market, and new chances to grow.

✨ And so much more! I’ve gathered numerous skills and valuable lessons.

Technical Support Engineer @ Okta, 2018 – 2019

🌟 Led high-priority technical support cases. I solved really important tech problems, and due to this over 90% of customers were happy.
🔧 Managed and configured critical services. To that end, I took care of important tech stuff like Windows Active Directory, getting it right.
☁️ Piloted the implementation of key cloud applications and led the setup of important online tools like Office 365, Cisco, and AWS.
💡 Provided expert support for LDAP, SSO, SAML, and cloud applications and gave advanced help for technical things like LDAP and SSO.

Social Media Manager @ Vodafone, 2012 – 2018

📈 Created and put into action a social media strategy. Above all, this helped improve how people see Vodafone Romania online.
📚 Authored detailed technical documentation. Wrote many guides that solved at least 90% of the most frequent questions.
📱 Curated content and managed online communities. I also looked after the company’s online groups, making customers happier.
📊 Generated insightful reports. Even if I was new at this, I made detailed reports that helped the social media budget grow.
👥 Provided training and mentoring to new team members. Due to this, I helped the team work better together.

✨ And so much more! I’ve gathered numerous skills and valuable lessons.

Business Success Manager @ Vodafone, 2009 – 2012

✅ Achieved high-resolution rate for customer requests. I solved more than 87% of customer questions right away.
🎯 Implemented Next-best Action (NBA) strategies. Lastly, it helped to upsell new services to more people.
📈 Validated customer concerns. As a result of paying attention to customers, I achieved satisfaction results of over 92%.
🤝 Built lasting relationships with customers. I used my listening and talking skills to keep at least 45% of our important customers.
🧭 Provided strategic guidance on services and products and gave important advice about various topics, helping customers succeed.