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Tudor Crețu

I’ve worked in Digital Marketing at companies like Microsoft and Vodafone. It is where I have been very good at bringing up new ideas 💡 and using the latest tech and online trends. My job is to help businesses stand out and do well online.

Proactive Explorer icon

I love exploring new ideas
and staying ahead of trends.

Results-Driven Achiever icon

My focus is on achieving goals and delivering the best results.

Collaborative Team Player icon

I promote Motivation 3.0 and healthy work places.

Analytical Problem Solver icon

I enjoy analyzing data and crunching numbers.

Adaptable Doer icon

I handle change well and always get the job done.

Innovative Strategist icon

I like crafting strategies to so there will be no surprises.

Digital Marketing

At Microsoft, I led social media activities for 33 countries from Central and Eastern Europe. I managed a budget of over EUR 1M in 2022, achieving 25% more traffic and 55% more reactions. Together with my team, we developed a video strategy that brought 65% more traffic. I also led a data analysis team, that provided helpful reports to stakeholders. Projects like the 2023 Social Audit and the Executive Program showed my project management skills.

Product Marketing

I promoted Microsoft Learn as the main learning platform for developers. While managing budgets of over EUR 250K in 2021, I helped increase leads by 28%. I brought fresh ideas to product marketing, increasing visibility by 15%. Here, I gained insights into developer and decision-maker behaviors. During the Covid-19 crisis, I assisted in adjusting our social media strategy.

Social Media

I knew I loved social media before I knew what it was. It all started when I began offering commercial support as a hobby on a forum. In 2012, I helped start the first online tech support on social media. I focused on building the brand’s image and creating helpful documentation. With my empathetic approach, I managed online communities. I also helped others achieve greatness, and together we solved social media issues.