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About me

Hello! I’m Tudor Crețu, and I’ve worked in digital marketing. I’m very good at coming up with new ideas. I like to use the latest tech and online places where people hang out. 

My vision

Each day, I stand by the values of compassion, simplicity, empowerment, and excellence in all that I do. I am filled with passion when I help other people pursue their greatness. It brings meaning to me when I can share success with others.

Periodically, I aim to grow in the most significant areas of my life: family, career, and health. My natural strengths are honesty, love, fairness, and forgiveness. I am here to speak about these values with compassion to anyone who wants to listen.

Because I try to better myself, every time I bring my best version to work to learn with people around me how to strive for excellence.

In doing something I invest in, I get to also see the utility it brings, which makes me love it.

How do I do this

Fostering authentic relationships is the foundation. It allowed me to manage over 30 people every week. By empowering my team members, I helped build trust. In time, this ensured the delivery of impactful content in a faster time and at better quality.

At the same time, I bring a data-driven approach to product marketing. This research informs the best decisions for user-centered products.

Thanks to various roles in my career, my analytical skills developed more and more. While at Microsoft, I pulled data from Adobe Analytics, Sprinklr, and Power BI. I did this to understand stakeholders’ needs and because it contributed to strategic business decisions. At Okta, I relied on Splunk. I needed it to identify bugs generated by security applications. Thanks to all this data helped me find better solutions for my customers. For Vodafone, I used CRM tools to analyze competitor moves, above all.

My work has reached a monthly audience of over 10 million professionals. Such results rely on data-driven marketing campaigns. They also need accessible content.

Beyond commercial success, I also love consumer-oriented campaigns. I promote sustainability, inclusion, and diverse user stories. The concept of digital transformation/modern work fascinates me. As a result, this drives my mission to address all the challenges for businesses and individuals.

Although at heart a communication professional, I have an IT background. I’m familiar with business models like Software as a Service (SaaS), Security as a Service (SECaaS), and telecommunications.

I’m eager to contribute to enhancing your brand’s market presence. In time, we’ll do great together.