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By | 13 iulie 2014

Am primit tweetul de mai jos pe care l-am luat ca o mica provocare, asa ca am tradus interviul Simonei Halep dupa ce a invins-o pe Lara Arruabarrena. Traducerea este mai jos.



Q: Do you have a deja-vu?
SH: Yes, I’m very happy that I won today, it was a very tough match, she played well, but with such a public, it’s impossible not to win, right?

Q: With such a public and soul as well

SH: Yes, my game is complete enough and I play well, I feel very good at home (Romania), I feel good here, I’m glad that we have a WTA tournament in Romania, it is the first one and I wish to achieve the final, if possible, but tomorrow I will play against another Romanian, so I hope the public will be neutral…But, I look forward to see each of you there and I hope it will be a good match.

Q: You speak quickly and concise, I have a feeling you are a good communicator as well.

SH: I will let others to state that

Q – I will extrapolate today’s match, although it was extraordinary, from my point of view…The way you respect your opponent general; not only today. You play with an opponent ranked at 170th top position; all the opponents beneath you received a lot of respect from you.

SH: Whatever my opponent, I will always treat them with respect, because they work hard as well, invest a lot of effort and have a strict schedule, just like me. I respect everyone and I expect respect in return!

Q: It’s true that modesty is the main characteristic of all great champions, right?

SH: You affirm something that couldn’t be said by me, others should answer to these questions. I am just a normal girl, a tennis player, and I strive to do my best on the court.

Q: I didn’t say that you are a great champion; I just wanted to emphasize the human side you express naturally.

SH: You said I am modest, right? Well, I can’t say I’m modest, I am natural all the time and I simply try to do my job on the court.

Q: I will talk about something else. I have a vague feeling that your presence goes beyond the sport area.

SH: Well…(She smiles)…

Q: So, we are modest, I will talk more, you smile a lot.. Now, let’s be honest, don’t you have a romantic feeling to all that’s going on?

SH: (She smiles again). Indeed, it’s very romantic.

Q – Honestly, we are (romantic), because that’s the main reason we are all here for more than two minutes, knowing that’s the last game, but, for me, it’s a wonderful experience to see such a cozy place with thousands of people around us and feel the Romanian spirit.

SH: Yes, definitely. Thank you! I don’t actually see any romantic atmosphere here, but a great joy, I see people appreciating tennis, as they started to come to tennis because it’s a beautiful sport and –maybe due to my results they come in such a big number- so I really hope kids will start playing tennis, because it’s a special sport.

Q: Simona, that’s all now, but let me tell you this: The way you communicate is surely more special than your results.

SH: Thank you!

Q: Thank you all!

PS: credits for translation go to Ioana Daniela too.

One thought on “Simona Halep – Weird Interview WTA

  1. Miron Gheorghe


    Simona e o jucătoare de top,datorita muncii si talentului, ambele împletite, cu anumite trăsături izvorâte din patternul genetic al obârşiei sale..
    Mă ingrijorează frecvenţa accidentărilor care, deja a generat
    speculaţii răuvoitoare privind+în speciak, momentele alese.. Si, de asemenea …complexele de inferioritate care se pot înmulti vis-a-vis de concurente.. Bun, shortly :Simona face ce stie cek mai bine să facă, adică sa joace tenis.. De restul ar trebui sa se ocupe, profesional, oamenii din stafful său..


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